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Concrete Cures is a professional website, writing sports reviews and especially skateboards. We focus on the various aspects of this art sport, from the benefits, the notes, as well as the reputable skateboards equipment and companies. And you know, the content we write will be relevant to you! Our editors are professional skateboarders and we know that this sport can affect anyone, anywhere in the world.

They say that skateboarding is the best stress relief, and it’s really like that! Moreover, this sport can also connect people, help you have confidence, and have a healthier life.

We update the latest news about skateboards every day, and our website opens 24/24 to serve you. If you have questions for us, please inbox and we will answer you as soon as possible! Come with us, when you need any information about skateboard!

About Terry Thompson: our editor leader

Hi guys, I’m Terry Thompson. I was a shy boy when I was in elementary school. I have difficulties in making friends and integrating with the community. However, skateboards have changed my life.

When I started my first year in high school, Nick (a classmate) passed me on a skateboard when I was entering the school gate. Nick looked cool at the time, and I asked him about skateboards. Later, Nick took me to a skateboards store and explained the basics of this exciting sport. I decided to use up all my savings to buy a skateboard. And since then, I’ve been playing skateboards for nearly 12 years.

Since I know skateboards, I have many new friends (a group of skateboards lovers including Nick). I am more confident in life, I persistently practice skills with my skateboard, and I feel my health is better. Now, I make money by writing skateboards reviews.

This sport has become a passion and an important part of my life! Therefore, I would like to share the information about skateboards to all of you. I want skateboards to be more popular because it really helps our lives better!

Is Skateboards suitable for you?

The Skate Board’s origins started with Surfing, a very popular beach sport in California at the time. But it is not always possible to play Surfing because of many limitations. So, the idea of a new sport, which later became the Skateboard, was born. You can easily play this sport anywhere. For beginners, you just need a flat arena and a skateboard to practice. At present, skateboards are very popular in the world and there are many different types of skateboards for beginners, professionals, and semi-professionals.

Whether you are a young person or an adult, skateboards are a sport that works as well as exercise. It helps your health better, so it suits everyone!